Leading Yourself: Learning to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence


Self-awareness is our superpower as leaders. To effectively lead others, we must first learn to lead ourselves, and we do this by deepening our self-awareness. Without self-awareness, we live reacting... reacting to things other people do or say, to things beyond our control, and in ways that are not congruent with our values or how we want to come across. A lack of self-awareness leads to disconnection from self and unproductive leadership. Self-aware leaders understand what they are thinking, how they are feeling, and can effectively communicate and respond in any situation. In this live webinar, Licensed Counselor and Speaker Mazi Robinson will discuss strategies for increasing our self awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathetic leadership skills so that we can more effectively lead ourselves and others. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the benefit of practicing personal curiosity as a tool for gathering data and emotion regulation
2. Identify and name feelings they are experiencing 
3. Understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
4. Identify automatic thoughts that lead to unproductive reactions
5. Define the difference between a productive and unproductive reaction

Mazi Robinson, MS, LPC, CPCS, NCC

Licensed Counselor and Speaker

Mazi Robinson is a licensed professional counselor and speaker specializing in helping women discover their true voice as they navigate self worth/self esteem challenges, relationship concerns, and life stage transitions.

In addition to her work as a therapist, Mazi maintains an active speaking schedule presenting workshops on topics such as anxiety, self-worth, healthy relationships, communication, personal growth, leadership, and mental health awareness. 

Mazi is the Founder and Director of Cultivate. Through its counseling center and community gatherings, Cultivate encourages women to cultivate joy, courage, and freedom in their lives as they pursue emotional, mental, and spiritual health.  

Mazi resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two sons.  She is an avid FRIENDS fan and loves dinner on a porch with friends. 

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Live event: 10/19/2023 at 1:00 PM (EDT) You must register to access.