How Blockchain Protects Public Safety: A Working Solution

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The growing gap between the physical and digital worlds exposes an existential threat to building safety.  We cannot prove who authored the documents, yet we use them to construct buildings and structures for public use.

Offices all over the world throughout the supply chain copy, forward, upload, and attach digital documents generally trusted as the actual copy of the licensed professional's instructions. We purchase, fabricate, ship, install, commission, inspect, and approve occupancy certificates for bridges, buildings, and roads with nothing more than blind trust.  We need proof that the professional's original instructions are uncorrupted along the entire supply chain of decisions.

The Build3 Blockchain provides proof of authorship and resolves this dilemma.  

This presentation covers essential technical information about how blockchain works, how it resolves the supervision dilemma, and how adoption is non-disruptive.  The presentation includes a demonstration of a working prototype.

Learning Objectives:

- The vulnerability in the practice of regulated engineering
- The fundamental technical principles of blockchain
- How this technology solves the proof of supervision security vulnerability 
- The importance of the proposed development framework in customizing an industry specific solution


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Kenneth Shultz, PE, RCDD

MEP Engineer, Founder


A piano major turned electrical engineer turned mechanical engineer turned software engineer turned proof of supervision advocate.  Kenneth has been working on new technology for the engineering construction industry since founding PermitZIP in 2015.  Since then, a research and development group, Gadget Engineering, has continued to pursue projects that aim to increase access, efficiency, and security in construction engineering.  The latest project,, is a non-profit open-source project to resolve the proof-of-supervision vulnerability.


Live event: 10/26/2022 at 2:00 PM (EDT) You must register to access.