2023 Fifteen Free Webinars (NSPE Members Only)


The courses below are available for free to NSPE members to conveniently view from the comfort of home or the office. Viewers may earn credits by viewing the webinars and passing a quiz. Upon successful completion of each session quiz with a passing score of 70% or higher, the quiz taker will receive an attendance certificate with the appropriate credits (PDHs) earned for that session. PDHs from the NSPE free webinars are recognized by most U.S. states including Florida. (Approved for the general and ethics PDH requirements in Florida.)

Since states have varying requirements on what is accepted, NSPE has put together a chart of state continuing education requirements for professional engineers.

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  1. Amplifying the Current Infrastructure for the Imminent EV Transition*
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Critical Infrastructure Systems*
  3. Defending the License
  4. Election Recap: How Can PEs Prepare for the 2023 Legislative Session 
  5. Engineering: Addressing Unintended Consequences as a Professional*
  6. Ethical Case Insights Part I: Disclosing, Standing Your Ground, and Dealing with Conflicts* 
  7. Ethical Case Insights Part II: Keeping the Public Safe, Receiving Gifts, and Questioning Design Responsibility* 
  8. Ethical Case Insights: Lessons in Disclosure 
  9. How Blockchain Protects Public Safety: A Working Solution 
  10. Mapping the Seabed Using UAVs and Semi-autonomous Vessels* 
  11. Navigating the Ethical Dilemmas that Arise in Every Day Engineering Practice* 
  12. Roots and wings - Leadership and Construction Mega Projects - A Fresh Look at the Basics 
  13. Setting and Verifying Corporate Sustainability Goals Across Environmental, Social, and Governance Topics 
  14. The Future of Wichita's Water - The Northwest Water Treatment Facility* 
  15. What Separates Good Engineers From Great Engineers

* indicates this particular webinar has been approved through NY Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE)

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