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Delegation: How to Manage the Monkeys on Your Back

Independent-minded, technical professionals are notoriously reluctant to delegate. Our education that focuses on getting “The Right Answer.” But fostering a mindset shift toward working through others can provide new ways to manage “the monkey on our backs.” Discover a framework that takes the mystery out of delegation. Learn options to manage those tasks that bounce back even after delegation. 

Learning Objectives:

• Discuss the obstacles associated with effective delegation;
• Create a framework to fully prepare for delegating tasks; and
• Learn to skillfully manage tasks that “bounce back” after an attempt at delegation.

PDH: 1

Shelley Row, P.E., CSP

Founder & CEO

Blue Fjord Leaders

The founder and CEO of Blue Fjord Leaders, Shelley Row, PE, CSP, is an Inc. Magazine top 100 leadership speaker and Certified Speaking Professional. Shelley is an engineer and former government and association executive. Shelley engineers leaders to see beyond the data by providing a foundation of self-awareness, empathy, and high-functioning communication skills that supports decision-making, delegation, teaming, dealing with difficult people and more. Shelley uses neuroscience to transform touch-feely interpersonal problems into science-based technique.  She provides virtual workshops, training, keynotes consulting, and coaching. 


Delegation: How to Manage the Monkeys on Your Back
Live event: 08/05/2021 at 12:00 PM (EDT) You must register to access.
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